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Motivation In A Can: Events To Get You Creating


Many geeks are inspired by their favorite shows, books, movies and music to create their own art. This can range from fan fiction using established characters to developing their own worlds and stories. For those that try to push to the next level of making their own imaginative works come to life the process can slow to a trickle, dependent on catching that elusive “inspiration” to keep going.

Geeks to the rescue!

Recognizing the need, geeks have banded together to organize creative events designed to force your way through blocks and the slog of making and finishing creative works. For writers, there is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short which takes place during the month of November. For comic book makers, there is International 24-Hour Comic Book Day, usually during the first Saturday of October. For painters, January is the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. For songwriters willing to truly endure, there is the 50/90 Challenge, a song writing marathon to write 50 songs from July 4th to October 1st.

The focus on all of these challenges is twofold:

  1. Stop waiting for inspiration to strike, because it is too fickle a thing to trust.
  2. Keep the fear of creating a flawed product from stopping you creating anything at all.

By all means, be inspired but do not be enslaved by it. Work even when the fire isn’t there, and in the end you will have something to show for it, that you can show to more than just your mother.


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