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New Geek’s Guide to Convention Going


Confession time. I’m a bit of a geek in training. It’s only in recent years that I’ve truly started to appreciate the beauties and intricacies that compose the “geek world.” Within the last several years, I’ve embraced the Star Wars films, have been swept away by the Tardis into the world of Dr. Who, and have attended and cosplayed at my first Comic Con. This past weekend as I attended Con of the North, an annual board game convention in Plymouth, Minnesota, I added another to my list of geek firsts: attending a board game convention. For those of you who may still be new to the geek world or perhaps have never attending a board game convention before, allow me to present

A Guide to Attending a Board Game Convention

  1. Plan Early: Register early and be sure to look at the game schedule as soon as it becomes available. Games fill quickly and while it’s often possible to jump into a game by showing up if spaces are available, to ensure you get to play everything you want to play, planning is key!
  2. Come With an Open Mind: While there were a large number of games available that I had previously played and knew I enjoyed, I took the opportunity to try new games and it really added to my enjoyment of the convention. In most cases, people are more than willing to walk you through things if you are newer to a game and by keeping an open mind, you might just discover a game you really love.
  3. Be Flexible- Games and schedules can change. Be willing to adapt accordingly
  4. Just Show Up- As stated previously, games can and will fill quickly. If there is something you really want to play though, even if it’s full, simply show up at the scheduled time and see what happens. You never know! You might just get to play after all. The worst that can happen is that you are turned away but it never hurts to try.
  5. Expect to Have Fun– One of the best part of the convention was meeting other players. The laughs that were shared and the fun atmosphere that filled the entire convention was almost better than actually playing the games themselves.


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