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Fall ComiCon – One Day Of Geek Camaraderie


Geek culture is spreading, with new conventions starting every year. One of the newer conventions in Minnesota is Fall ComiCon, which takes place during October at the State Fairgrounds. Only open for one day, they fill the Education Building with booths and attendees alike. Rows of vendors, artists, and social groups crowd the floor, representing a wide array of interests.

The convention is hosted by the Midwest Comic Book Association, run entirely by volunteers. Mike Frigon, one of the lead volunteers, stated that the focus of the convention was to try to keep artists to the forefront of the event and to promote a great love of comic books to all comers. Started just two years ago, Fall ComiCon has grown by leaps and bounds, with the possibility of needing a second building in the next year.

The Midwest Comic Book Association hosts two conventions annually. Fall ComiCon in October, and the MSP ComiCon in May. If you would like to know more about the MCBA, you can visit their website, www.mcbacomicons.com.


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