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The New Ghostbusters: World Hoppers or Time Travellers?

The New Ghostbusters: World Hoppers or Time Travellers?


The reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise has revealed its first trailer today, giving us our first look at the new female cast of spirit capturing scientists. Starring Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, XX and xx, the new movie looks like it will be a lot of fun, so let’s dig into what the trailer reveals.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/w3ugHP-yZXw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Good

First off, the trailer is filled with so much nostalgic goodness while giving a new vibe of its own. There’s the two brilliant variations of the original theme music that bring us from the old to the new in a mere minute of screen time. The updated designs for all the tech toys the Ghostbusters get to use are beautiful and show interesting ways that each set of gear for each individual seems to be customized. This includes hand held pistols to stun gloves of some kind, as well as the good old proton pack main guns.

The retention of a hearse being the vehicle that the Ghostbusters use to troll around town  in is a nice added touch, especially being a Cadillac as the character Patty exclaims when it is revealed.

The added story element of ghosts being able to possess humans is also an interesting development to the story world and could be played multiple ways that can add tension. Lastly the creators added in Slimer, the fan favorite from the first movie that they adamantly refuted until the trailer launched.

The Bad

The comedic timing does not look up to par for what the original movie gave us. There are a couple of moments that are more awkward than funny, which seems to deflate the pacing of the trailer. What humor is there is otherwise prankish. If a trailer is supposed to be your best foot forward and what sells audiences on spending their money to see the final product, this seems to be the weak point of a potentially great movie.

The other troubling thing is the sneak peek of Chris Hemsworth. He seems to be a man candy version of the pragmatic receptionist from the first movie. This, along with the Ghostbusters being women, gives a worrisome possibility that the creators of the movie might have let their own political views get in the way of creating a great story we can all enjoy.

The Geeky

The first two movies are nodded to in the very opening title cards, seeming to place this movie within the same fictional universe, creating confusion in the discussion of whether this movie is a sequel or a reimagining of a favorite story. The characters, while having different names and personalities to fit the actresses playing them, have very similar visual styles to the original Ghostbusters from either the movies or the animated cartoons.

Then, during one of the quick cuts as a voice over explains the major conflict, there’s this short clip of Times Square with a glowing energy falling over it. Looking closely, the billboards on the buildings shift from the digital screens we are currently familiar with to old lamp-lit boards with advertisements from the 1980’s, including the movie Taxi Driver.

This begs the question: what the what?

Do the new Ghostbusters get sent back in time? Are they from a different dimension and get shifted with a 30 year gap backwards? Whichever way they’re going to explain it, the big question is whether or not the new Ghostbusters will meet the old team in this 1980’s version of New York they seem to be teleported to.

The Ghostbusters movie comes to theaters this July.


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