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Vote If You’re Able: Game Mechanics Applied To The Elections


Every two years in November the citizens of the United States go through a grueling barrage of advertisements from people wishing to be put into power. Some are for your local areas including your city, county, and state while some are vying for seats at the national level, including the President of the country every four years. No one person holds all authority over the others, but each has a piece of power over you to call their own.

In their attempts to gain your vote, these contenders  try to simplify the problems facing you and your area while offering  the hope that they alone can make your life better. If that doesn’t work they try to make you fear their opponent, hoping that your emotions will override your thinking.

Once elected, the people in power determine what money is collected from you in the form of taxes and where that money is spent, along with adding or taking away rules for the system to run on.

Here’s the secret though: your choices matter and change the game you live in called life.

That’s why we hold elections. Every one of us has a little power ourselves to influence the system, and all together, we choose who runs the country, our states and our cities.

And every decision matters.

Games have been trying to match this mechanic of real life for decades. From Dragon Warrior back in 1986 to modern attempts such as the Fable and Mass Effect series, games have tried to change the story for the gamer based on the decisions you make in the game. However you always end up at the final boss or last stage, no matter what decisions you make. We’ve gotten small tastes of it, but nothing compares to the vast realm of possibilities that are in our hands in the real world.

Want to be an artist or a policeman? Want to boost your social abilities? Want to run for office yourself? Want to raise a family? Want to stay single your entire life? Want to be thin? Want to be athletic? Almost everything and anything can be chosen, with benefits and consequences tied to every decision.

What matters is making the decision, then seeing how things play out. Learn from that decision and make another one, then another.

Whether this is your first time voting or your last, make sure you know what you’re deciding between. Use your intellect to look at all the candidates on every level for what they believe in, what their opinions are, and where they stand on issues that matter to you, and how they are as a person. Then choose, and make sure that choice is cast as a vote. Otherwise, you’re not really playing the game of your life.

Google has made it easy to learn about the people you can vote for. Go to the link below and you can enter your address and it will bring up a list of all candidates on the federal, state, and local levels with links to their websites that you can choose between.

What voting district am I in, Google?



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