Home Science Trekkies Rejoice: Transparent Aluminum Exists
Trekkies Rejoice: Transparent Aluminum Exists

Trekkies Rejoice: Transparent Aluminum Exists


Japanese Materials Lab Makes New Breakthrough In Glass

Though we are a ways away from using this stuff for viewports on spaceships, it’s exciting to keep having the science fiction of the past become science of today.

Scientists at the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo have published results of lab experiments they conducted earlier this year to create a stronger high elastic moduli of glass. They have combined an alumina (an aluminum compound) with tantalum pentoxide, a material regularly used in glass and computer components such as capacitors. Their goal was to create a transparent material with a high hardness value and to be able to fabricate it with containerless processing.

They succeeded.

The new “transparent aluminum” has a hardness of 9.1GPa on the Vicker’s scale, while most oxide glasses come in at a range of 2 – 8GPa. This is 25% tougher than the currently popular Gorilla Glass, used in many current models of smart phones and even in cars. This allows for even thinner screens and windows while still maintaining the strength of current screens.

Click this link to read more of the scientific report on transparent aluminum.



Citation: Rosales-Sosa, G. A. et al. High Elastic Moduli of a 54Al2O3-46Ta2O5 Glass Fabricated via Containerless Processing. Sci. Rep. 5, 15233; doi: 10.1038/srep15233 (2015)


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